Gross sqm: 4.847,00
Lease sqm: 2.799,88
Main tenants: ARGE and Netto
Year of construction: 1963
New reconstruction: 2007
Tenant: Netto enlarged – new space for bakery

Gross sqm: 5.753,00
Total Lease sqm: 1.038,00
Main tenants: Norma
Year of construction: 2007
Location: Important local supplier for food

Gross sqm:3.115,00
Total Lease sqm:1.058,93
Main tenants:Norma
Year of construction:2007

Gross sqm: 9.462,00
Total Lease sqm: 3.386,47
Lease sqm: 2.930,97
Main tenants:Aldi, Rossmann, KIK New
reconstruction: 2007 Tenant Aldi total new

Gross sqm: 16.848,00
Total Lease sqm: 5.713,79
Lease sqm: 5.507,75
Main tenants: Edeka, Aldi, Rossmann
New reconstruction:
2008. The hole mall would constructed to a local supplier with a supra-regional importance
Location: The mall is located in a quarter where new urbanisation starts