Building on the historic property portfolio, focused on residential property. Ability has now
developed a European footprint with management centres in both Luxembourg and
Cyprus. As well as local representatives in markets where assets are held, such as Italy,
Portugal, Germany and France.

Ability began building it’s commercial portfolio in retail property, in Europe by acquiring
seven shopping centres in Germany, Located in major urban areas.

Tannenbergstr. 2-4 Ostpreussenring 186, Lubeck

Gross sqm: 4.847,00
Lease sqm: 2.799,88
Main tenants: ARGE and Netto
Year of construction: 1963
New reconstruction: 2007
Tenant: Netto enlarged – new space for bakery

Rolsdorfer Strasse 27 – Duren

Gross sqm: 5.753,00
Total Lease sqm: 1.038,00
Main tenants: Norma
Year of construction: 2007
Location: Important local supplier for food

Roermonder Strasse 137 – Karken

Gross sqm:3.115,00
Total Lease sqm:1.058,93
Main tenants:Norma
Year of construction:2007

Ziegelstr. 105 Weidenkamp 2-4

Gross sqm: 9.462,00
Total Lease sqm: 3.386,47
Lease sqm: 2.930,97
Main tenants:Aldi, Rossmann, KIK New
reconstruction: 2007 Tenant Aldi total new

Neptun Einkaufzentrum, Werftstr. 50

Gross sqm: 16.848,00
Total Lease sqm: 5.713,79
Lease sqm: 5.507,75
Main tenants: Edeka, Aldi, Rossmann
New reconstruction:
2008. The hole mall would constructed to a local supplier with a supra-regional importance
Location: The mall is located in a quarter where new urbanisation starts